I did some figuring today, and given all of the memories I have, the gaps in time grow smaller every day.

For instance, the lives I’ve recalled from 1877 to the present give me a period of just over 2 years in the 1980s that I can’t account for by any lucid memory.  Even if I am wrong about having lived a brief period of 13 years or so as a fox (which would mean I likely died of old age in that life), it doesn’t leave many gaps.

Now consider that I’m closer to figuring out where I was before I was John.  The memories of that life start as a young adult in the 1830s, so I’m going to project a life span of about 65 years ending around 1875 or so (or a birth date around 1810).  Some of these memories were under regression which I still don’t fully trust, but not all of them; the time frame for that life is highly speculative and based on the fact that none of the memories were to the total exclusion of the others.

Earlier than this, I have a fragmented memory of a life in the northeastern US (or the American Colonies, as it were) in the 1770s.  That life could have easily ended in the 1810s and given I recall being in my prime in the 1770s, I’d project a birth date of some time between 1750 and 1760.

That means that counting fragmented memories and extrapolations based on those, I can now account for my whereabouts with little or no gaps since the mid 18th century.  Not bad.

The longest gap is between March 1226 and the mid-18th century.  I have absolutely no memories from this period.  Likewise, I don’t have any memories I trust from before the 12th century, only a brief flash of the Stone Age under regression.

I also feel it’s rather strange that the only lives I recall when I may have been female were in the stone age and as a fox in the early 20th century (at least, I did not have any impression that I was male in that life and I seem to recall a cross-phase male fox I was often with).  I’m sure that in the long gaps before or after Longespee’s life I must have been female a few times, but I’m frustrated by my lack of memory.


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