My Previous Life’s Music Collection

One of the things that was dearest to me in what I suspect to be my previous life was my collection of music, the vast majority of it vinyl from the 1950s through the 1970s.

I have a good idea that my musical tastes in that life were not vastly different from my current life’s musical tastes.  This is well documented, actually.  My musical tastes were and still are a mix of classical music, 60s-70s rock, experimental electronica, and the occasional 70s pop piece.  However, I have found no evidence so far that the person I may have been enjoyed prog rock as I do in this life.

It’s a foregone conclusion that this person had some albums, such as the popular titles from bands he liked.  However, there are many I’m simply not sure about.

There are several albums that I enjoy now that I would love to know if I enjoyed back in my previous life.  I have not encountered these in any of his writings that I’ve read so far but I’m still going through those writings.

Here are some of those albums:

Yes- Close To The Edge: I don’t know if he had this one as he never showed much interest in prog, but in this life I would count this as my favorite prog album.  In fact, my fiance and I count “And You And I” from this album as one of our songs.

The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds: Brian Wilson’s masterpiece.  It’s on par with anything the Beatles were producing, but I don’t know if my suspected previous life was into the SoCal sound so much in those days (this was years before he got into the OC punk scene later in life).

Renaissance- Scheherezade and Other Stories: This is probably the greatest album Renaissance ever produced.  Annie Haslam is at her very best in this one, more refined than the raw sweetness she had in “Ashes are Burning” but with the same youthful strength and vitality.

Queen- Queen II: The person I may have been stated in a 1982 letter to a fan that his favorite rock band was Queen, and not surprisingly my fiance and I are both Queen fans.  I can almost guarantee he had a copy of “A Night at the Opera,” which is a fairly awesome album, but I’m not sure if he had Queen II, which to me in this life is the greatest rock album ever produced.  With hints of English folklore and an obvious influence from Henry Purcell, Queen II brings a level of refinement to rock that prefigures and exceeds symphonic metal.  

Musica Reservata- Medieval Music and Songs of The Troubadors: I believe the person I might have been may have had this record based on a memory of an album of medieval music that he kept a close eye on.  However, there is no record of him being into music any earlier than John Dowland (who lived right around 400 years after the age of the Troubadours) so this would be unusual.

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer- Pictures at an Exhibition: I only have a vague idea that I might have had this album in a previous life.  He may have owned the Isao Tomita version instead although there is no record of that.

Isao Tomita- The Planets: I also believe he may have owned this album, or at least something by Tomita, but I have yet to find any reference to that in anything written by or about him.  I particularly enjoyed this album when I heard it recently.

I would love to know if I had any or all of these albums in what I suspect to be my previous life.  It might not prove anything, except to further reinforce the musical affinity I have, but it might make me feel like I know this person I might have been that much better.


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