Rare Political Post…

What do I feel when I see the state of things and the way the few people I agree with politically are going about doing anything to fix things?




It isn’t enough.  It isn’t just that the country is broken; the culture itself is broken, and you can’t fix a broken culture by employing a broken culture’s tropes and ideas.  The reformers are plagued by corruption because they work within a corrupt culture.  They’re irresolute and disorganized because the culture is irresolute and disorganized.  An appeal to tradition won’t work because relentless appeals to tradition tinged by the inevitable farce of memetic mutation are what brought us to this point in the first place.  An appeal to a better tomorrow won’t work because no one can agree on what a better tomorrow actually is.  Solidarity won’t work because no one understands what solidarity is any more.

We know what we want, but the ultimate goals are beyond our reach because we do not have the organizational paradigm or the cultural and ideological dynamism to achieve them.

I fear for the future with a deep and profound horror.


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