Confirmation or Cryptomnesia?

I feel stupid for having overlooked this, but the “knight” I thought I remembered jumping on the table and farting loudly who may have also played a primitive form of golf with me in the hills of Shropshire wasn’t a knight at all.

I’d certainly heard of Roland (though I can’t remember if I’d heard of him before or after having that specific memory), and it’s entirely possible that this is cryptomnesia. Consciously, I didn’t put two and two together; maybe it was the fact that I thought these memories were from much later than King Henry’s time (at which point Roland would have been an old man).

This one is difficult to call, especially since the golf thing is hard to confirm.  For starters, it would be unlikely to be in any official records whether William Longespee played golf with Henry’s court jester.  Also, records indicate golf-like games appearing about 100 years later, though with very few details before the 18th century so it could be a matter of a simple lack of primary sources.

This is where researching past lives gets frustrating.  Sometimes you can’t honestly discern whether it’s real or just suggestion because you find you may have already had hold of the facts and just hadn’t put them together yet.


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