Memory Fragment

At least one of the pages of Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis has a coffee ring on it.  It was an accident that rarely happened but long hours of writing sometimes required large amounts of coffee.  I would have to go somewhere that has a copy and thumb through it again to see if they printed that page.

The mug that was involved was not the Wright Flyer mug seen here (which if memory serves was a gift from Robert Heinlein as was the typewriter), but a blue stoneware mug not unlike this one but with straight sides.

I think it may have been a mug Kathy made, one of several items she’d given me (including the pot known as “Oh Ho”).

I’m tempted to try to contact the person I spoke to previously on this one because she might remember that blue stoneware mug.  I’m not sure though.  She went quiet after I pointed out to her the fact that one of the memories she confirmed was hinted to in Ubik (I figured it would be dishonest of me not to share that detail), then another one of my memories was something she didn’t think had happened, and then I changed the subject from talking about Phil’s life and tried to talk writing with her to initiate a conversation.  I figure after that she either thought I was putting her on or was irritated by my usual awkwardness, so I decided to shut up and leave her alone and we haven’t spoken since last August.

Once again, if anyone knows or might know someone who knows, get in touch.



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