Here We Go Again…–finance.html

It looks like we have a potential recipe for World War 3 in the works, just in time for the 100th anniversary of the first one.  Count me out.  Though I have an awful feeling this one’s going to come to me anyway.

Reading up, apparently Crimea has a large ethnic Russian population, and many of them are happy to see the Russians coming.  But the world at large and what’s left of Ukraine’s government is not so happy and I’m afraid that what has so far been a bloodless invasion could nonetheless trigger a third world war because Ukraine is not going to cede Crimea to Russia if they can help it.

Let’s just get it over with.  If it’s going to be World War 3, then civilization as we know it is probably going to cease to exist even if we are lucky enough to survive.  It’s over, it’s gone.  Just get it over with.  Fucking get it over with.  If I’m going to die in another war, just let me fucking die or put away your weapons and stop rattling your 50 megaton nuclear sabers, okay?  We’ve been putting up with this apocalyptic edgeplay for fifty years.  The entirety of Western civilization should really take a look at itself and what it’s about to do.  If we march in and prop up Ukraine’s government, we’ll have a situation worse than 1914 by several orders of magnitude because we’re going to suck all of Europe into it too.


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