Back to the Bay

In 2013, I released a fantasy novel I had written in San Jose.  I had no idea just how close to Berkeley I was and I hadn’t yet remembered any of Phil’s life, plus the book was straight-up fantasy.  I stuck within a small block of downtown San Jose and didn’t really get out at all, which in hindsight I really regret because I was so close to Berkeley.

Next year, I may be releasing the sequel to that book in the same city, and this time I will cherish the fact that I’m alive, active, and releasing a Fantasy/Sci-Fi crossover in the Bay Area.

Keeping to my vow of not promoting my work here I won’t give any specifics of when, where, or which book, but that’s not important; I just wanted to say there’s a good chance I’ll be there, and that you all cannot fathom how much this means to me.

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