Someone Had This Car

I’m fairly sure someone Phil knew in the early 60s had either a Mercury meteor or a Mercury Monterrey. Strangely, I don’t recall the color but I believe it might have been white on blue like the Meteor in the photo I linked to.  I don’t believe this was Nancy Hackett’s car (I seem to recall Nancy owning an older car at the time); I believe It may have been a mutual friend’s car.

I’m often reluctant to post details like this because often, I find after reading through Phil’s work that it’s already written or alluded to heavily in one of his novels which confirms the memory to me, but would look contrived if I reported it here.  One such instance concerns an early 50s Studebaker that Ann had owned which, ironically, is the same make and model as one I gave a character in a project I’ve been working on for years in this life.  I didn’t report this because I had begun to suspect we’d had such a car after finding a photo of one parked in front of the house on Francisco Street and having a memory of it being especially hard to start cold.  I have more or less confirmed this when I discovered that “Voices from the Street,” featured a character who drove a Studebaker like that one.  What really sucks is that the book also contains a passage about the car taking 5 minutes to warm up, so I have no way of proving I didn’t get that from the book.

As for Kathy’s little red Nova, I’m still reading through Phil’s books to see if it comes up anywhere though I will be surprised if it doesn’t.


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