Side Project

One of the many side projects I’ve got going is to build a catalog of all the known or likely soldiers of the 2 KSLI killed on the Western Front using data from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

I’m starting with the most challenging, the Menin Gate.  Unlike many monuments and cemeteries, the Menin Gate does not give a battalion number so I have to use a bit of logic.  Any casualty listed within the date range of the Second Battle of Ypres is included in my list.  The 2nd battalion was the only KSLI battalion on the Salient during those dates as far as I can tell so it’s mostly a matter of tediously noting down the dates and sorting out the 2nd Battalion from other battalions on the Salient at earlier or later dates.

I’ll also take down names and dates from 2 KSLI casualties buried on the Ypres Salient.  From this I should get a solid figure for exactly how many the battalion lost during that battle.

If time allows, I’ll add in the known losses from the Salonika campaign as well.

I don’t think anyone has ever done this before.  I may see about making this work available for whoever wants it because it could be of interest to researchers.  There is very little data on the movements, losses, and actions of the 27th division in general and absolutely no divisional history, which I feel is a tremendous shame given what they had to put up with in Flanders.

It’s funny, two years ago, I couldn’t have cared less about the finer points of military history…  How things change!


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