File That Under “Maybe”

I hadn’t really expected to come across anything I’d be struck by in this documentary about Genghis Khan.  

I usually don’t get much of a tingle of the familiar from anything to do with Asian history.  It just isn’t something I feel drawn to for the most part.  So when I started getting that feeling watching this, I was a bit astonished.

Let me be clear: I do not think for a moment that I was Genghis Khan; he was a contemporary of William Longespee so that’s ruled out.  But something about his life and times, the places he lived, the way he lived, the look and sound of it, gave me shivers of familiarity.  I was also struck by some small but inconclusive similarities between my first novel and his life story, as if I had been familiar with his biography.  However, nothing stands out as an “Aha!” moment and it’s entirely possible I could have simply remembered something from a documentary when I was writing my work.

I have a strong sense that I lived in Mongolia some time in the 12th or 13th century, either right before or right after the time of Genghis Khan, but definitely not as Genghis Khan or, I presume, anyone who rode with him.


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