Based on comments on the 1881 census that I was previously unaware of, and a query to a local Yeovil historian, I have almost certainly confirmed that John Harris lived at the end of Sherborne Road near Yeovil Pen Mill station.

I was probably him.  Nearly every significant place I remembered has matched real locations and this only drives it home for me.

I had been wrong about living on the north side.  The historian I spoke to said that based on the way the districts were drawn and the comments on the census, it was probably the house next to the B&B (in fact, located right next door to it).  However, that does not preclude my memories of having seen the train from there; in fact I either could have seen it from John’s window in the other house, or I could have been visiting a friend across the street.

This confirms that I knew the neighborhood and that it matches my memories, a confirmation I have been waiting almost two years for.

I was probably him…  holy shit.  I was probably him.


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