My Plan for First-Wave Millennials

Transgrrrl Says...

I am a first-wave millennial, born in the summer of 1984, and I think my generation can be great.  I have a simple plan for our generation and I think everyone will agree that it’s a workable solution given the turbulent near future we probably face.

Recall a generation and a half before our time, when my specific generation’s older aunts and uncles were coming of age. Peaceful protests were met with excessive force because the government did not want peace; war was too profitable for them. They set up massive domestic spy networks to infiltrate activist movements, they turned our grandparents’ generation, who had achieved a standard of living unparalleled since the height of Rome, against their own children who they thought would take it from them.

And in the end, when they had dismantled the activist movements, they used their victory to convince the young people of those…

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