I got over yesterday’s funk rather quickly.

Honestly, I’m still kind of stoked from finding John’s house within a few hundred feet of where I thought it would be based on my memories.  That’s no small feat.

I’m going to finally stop being lazy and register for Zebrapedia, which basically hosts all of the 8,000+ pages of Philip K. Dick’s exegesis for transcription and tagging. Since they have a strict policy of non-disclosure of contents, I will not describe specific details of what I find; but if I find anything that proves that Phil did travel to the vicinity of Armentieres back in 1977, remembered something distinct that I can conclusively link to one of the lives I’ve remembered, or referenced William Longespee more than casually (i.e. more than a simple name drop or just a reference to the Magna Carta), then I guess I’ll borrow a cipher from “Valis.” I’ll use the words “KING FELIX” in big bold type.  

My next step after that will be to make a serious attempt to contact Phil’s son and daughters before I announce anything at all, because something like that would be pretty hard to explain away.  I don’t want to pursue any contact with them until I’m damned sure I’ve got more than just a loose circumstantial case for having been him, because they don’t deserve harassment and time-wasting on my part.

If I don’t find it, or if the information is vague or inconclusive, then I’ll simply say that it’s still a mystery.  If I find something that completely disproves that I could have been Phil at all, then I will offer an open letter of apology to his family and friends.  In any case, I won’t be able to describe my findings in detail without further permission.

Wish me luck.  This might take years.  Obviously, I can start my search with the pages around the summer of 1977 (since I suspect he continued to write while in France), but from there the search becomes a bit nebulous because so many things are peppered into that text and I have my university coursework and my current novel projects to think about too.


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