A Journey of a Thousand Miles

I transcribed my first page from the Exegesis today.  I’ve officially started.

Although I had trouble reading the writing somewhat, I was able to make everything out OK.  I noticed in some of the previously transcribed pages that there were a number of small errors and words that I could read but the previous transcriber couldn’t, so I’m probably going to spend some time fixing transcriptions too.

The handwriting is distinctly different from how I write in my current life, but I notice that there are a few idiosyncrasies like capitalizing words in mid-sentence that I sometimes do.  Also, the layout of the pages is often similar to how I lay out a lot of my own hand-written notes, with ragged margins and lines that tend to droop toward the end, and inconsistent line and letter sizes.  

Unsurprisingly, nothing yet; I haven’t even found notes that I can positively date to the periods I’m looking for.  In the mean time, I’m doing my part to help with the transcription efforts, a little bit at a time.  If John’s memories are in this haystack, someone will find them.

My readers are welcome to help me out, and to help out with the project in general.  The more eyes we have going through this, the better.  Check through my blog to see what I’m looking for.  The website is http://zebrapedia.psu.edu.  Those who help have my gratitude as do those who are already helping with the project.


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