Stuff I’ve Found

Usually, those online Tarot spread things give you fuzzy answers that leave you scratching your head.  I’ve tried a few in my day, mostly just for fun because I’m really kind of so-so on whether or not divination really works.

I recently found one called Tarotlore that has actually given me the most specific and unambiguous readings I’ve ever gotten.  I questioned it about getting back into radical activism and it gave me cards that in no uncertain terms said I’m only thinking about it for the wrong reasons (temperance, reversed) and I’ll get my ass handed to me if I try (nine of wands, reversed).  I asked it about my writing career, and it seemed to tell me that I was getting over the bad in my life (five of cups, reversed) and would probably succeed through courage and determination (The Chariot).  These are pretty stark, clear answers.

Just to be thorough, for those concerned about such things, I must emphasize that the computer I accessed my readings on is generally never touched or used by anyone but me.   As with all methods of divination, YMMV and there’s a general consensus among people who practice divination that the tools you use for your reading should be something only you handle to get the best results.

Also, today I found an absolutely gorgeous Lapis Lazuli pendant at the Mall.  Mind you, I wasn’t looking for stones for any ritual purpose, but for something to wear.  This one’s got a very clear, distinct vein of pyrite running through it, and a gold-plated setting, which makes the whole thing gorgeous tones of blue and gold throughout.  Best of all, it compliments my eyes!  At $18 and with a little bit of money to play with, I went for it.


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