I may have found an oblique reference to my first published novel in the Exegesis.

Since it is apparently accessible to the public without an account, I will link to the page:


Phil had a dream that he should write a book about death camp victims and how they died, disguised by eroticism.  I don’t believe he ever wrote this book but I may have.

My first published book (the dieselpunk one) was erotica on the surface; what it was actually about was political persecution by a cruel pseudo-theocracy masking corporatist imperialism (in fact the ruler’s title in the story is “Emperor”), brought to a halt seemingly by a miracle, albeit an entirely invisible one.  But it is part of a series and in the remaining books (which I have already written) the nature of the “miracle” such as it was is explained and the lines between life and death become blurred in an unanticipated way.

At the same time, the connection feels tangential and weak.  I really wish I could find an elaboration on this dream Phil had to know for sure if my book has anything at all to do with what he was saying, but it seems he got tired and did not elaborate.  This may not be a direct reference at all and without more evidence I can’t say it is without sounding like I’ve descended into delusions of reference.  Even so, the passage really jumped out at me.

I may well find myself with nothing more than a frustrating bundle of near-misses after going through the entire text but there’s enough here to keep me tantalized long enough to finish what I started.


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