East Coker Slide Show

Someone has put together a slide show of the village of East Coker with audio of the poem “East Coker” by TS Eliot:

Of course I got a chill from noticing just how little the village has changed since John’s time.  The roads are paved and marked now, there’s a lot more modern signage than there used to be, and to me, the Helyar Arms just looks wrong without a thatched roof (then again, I noticed about half of the thatched roofs have been upgraded to tile or shingles in the mean time).  

Also, there was one house at 4:07 that has a gate with iron anchors on it.  I feel weird about that one because my gut tells me that the gate was there in John’s time, even though my judgment tells me that the iron work is probably 1910s or later, judging by the style.  Now I’m curious as to when that gate was added.

It would be awesome if someone familiar with the history of East Coker could find this blog.  I still haven’t found Higher Lodge (where John lived according to the 1891 census).


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