This Is Rather Interesting

An article about Philip K. Dick’s early years living in what I can only guess was slightly better than squat accommodations with gay poets in Berkeley, and his resulting homosexual panic that culminated (according to legend) in a short-lived relationship with Jeanette Marlin.

However, the article contains a rather revealing passage:

And according to Spicer’s biographers, Robert Duncan later told the poet Thom Gunn that Dick once stepped into Duncan’s room and suddenly masturbated in front of him.

That…  really changes things.  It doesn’t prove that Phil was gay or bi or whatever, but it’s worth noting.  I still have to wonder if Phil wouldn’t have been more sexually adventurous if he hadn’t grown up in the 30s and 40s.

It’s interesting that my first published book was set in a period analogous to the 30s and involved gay characters living in a glorified squat.  It’s hard to draw a direct parallel though since the setting and characters had very important differences.

It’s also interesting that my memory of having been William Longespee is of being quite readily bisexual, and even in this life I have my preferences but I’m not sure I’m 100% one way or the other.

That just leaves John, in the way of lives I can recall, but nothing about John to me suggests he was anything but straight (in fact my only remotely sexual memories are sadly from brothels in France).

So now I’m MtF trans, bisexual with a strong preference for men and engaged to a man who has a bizarre resemblance to the woman Phil married in a moment of homosexual panic.  What do I make of that, if anything?  


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