Recent Dreams

My recent dreams have been sort of uneasy and indistinct, laced with anxiety and what seems to be constant action, moving from place to place, never staying still, the channel changing constantly.

Just a moment ago, while trying to remember what I dreamed about, it seems there was something involving a low stone or brick wall that I had to run for.  Then a cold chill hit me… that wall was cover and I was trying to get to it because I had to.

I remember nothing else about the dream.  I have suspected for a time that I’m blocking some really unpleasant memories from the war, but now my suspicions are strong.  Even my dreams that aren’t overtly related to my life as John, I think, might have something to do with repressed memories.

I just want it out…  it’s always better out than in, it seems.  I want to know what’s bothering me so that I can just get it over with.


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