On The Trail of a Clue

For those who haven’t had a chance to go through my backlog of posts all the way through, yhe one past life I’d most like to brag about remembering is that of William Longespee, the Third Earl of Salisbury.  Unsuprisingly, this is the life I am most eager to gather information on, but Count William lived in an age where very few fucks were given about the deeds of royal retainers.  If we were with a king, we got mentioned.  If we revolted against a king or defected from one king to another, we got mentioned.  I just happened to do both; beyond that, the resources on the actual daily lives of medieval nobility are few and far between.

I was once told that in my first novel, the characters don’t behave like medieval nobility, and I kind of internalized that.  But what I’ve never done is had a knowledgeable medievalist look at my work because a few people- most of them with some amateur interest in history- actually really enjoyed my work.

I guess maybe the fear of ridicule has kept me from doing so.  How do you start that conversation?  “Hey, I think I may have been this guy in a past life, wanna take a look?”  And even if I did find one who took me seriously, how would I make it worth their while to look at someone like me without becoming a freak to be examined, or a “Ms. X” in their case studies?

But supposing there was some clue in the characters I created, their dialog, interactions, or my descriptions of medieval life and combat that went beyond what someone with my background (a very casual student of history who seldom reads outside of course assignments and has not studied Historic European Martial Arts… yet) might be expected to know?  What if it’s more than just weird circumstantial things, which is all I can come up with?

I want to know… I just wish there was a way to do this.


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