I haven’t been updating here much since I’ve been busy with a few things.

Been studying hard for one thing.  I had a rough start to this term in college, but I’ll finish strong.

For another, I am now 13,000 words into my sixth novel and I’m so involved in the story, I can hardly look away.  Writing has seldom come this naturally or easily for me, and I find that in continually pushing the envelope on these new ideas that have crossed my path over the last couple of years, I’ve got such fertile ground that the stories practically write themselves.

To give some idea of how radically things have shifted for me, between 2003 and late 2010 I had finished exactly two novels through to a final draft, and had a few other projects ranging from one or two chapters to first drafts pending revision.  Between mid-2010 and late 2012, I probably wrote less than 20,000 words of fiction and completed nothing apart from some rather half-hearted short stories.  From late 2012 to date, I’ve finished two novels to publishable condition, completed the first draft of another, written 13,000 words of yet another, and finalized the plot of another still.  And the quality of what I’m writing is noticeably crisper, more focused, and more adventurous with each project I complete.

I’m astonished, actually.  I’m now poised to publish at least one novel a year for the next several years, possibly even 2-3 novels a year by 2016 at this rate.


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