Lives I’ve Recalled So Far

I thought I’d plot out the lives I may have remembered over the last two years just so I could get a handle on just how many I think I may remember, and how likely they seem owing to the quality of the memories.

1Ca. 40,000 YA, Possibly Borneo.  Human female. Unknown name.  Hunter-gatherer. Recalled under hypnotic regression.

Status: Uncertain, possible confabulation

[Gap: 40,000 YA- 500 BC]

2. Ca. 500 BC, Probably somewhere in Greece. Human male.  Unknown name.  Leading cattle to what appeared to be a Hecaton. Recalled under suggestion from art history lecture.

Status: Uncertain, likely confabulation

[Gap: 500 BC-1176 AD]

3. 1176-1226 AD, England and France. Human male, named William Longespee.  Medieval statesman, diplomat, military commander, and half-brother of Richard Couer de Lion. Recalled under spontaneous recall.

Status: Uncertain, possible confabulation, but sharing a few coincidences and traits with other lives.

[Gap: ca. 13th century- Ca. Mid-18th century]

4. Early to mid 18th century, Somewhere in Europe.  Red Fox, possibly female. Recalled under Spontaneous recall.

Status: Possible confabulation (canid visual patterns seemed plausible, but could be cryptomnesia).

[Minimal gap in 18th century]

5. Ca. 1750-1810, Southwest England and Northeast America. Human Male, preacher, may have been transported for life and may have been involved in American revolution.  Last name may have been Jackson but probably not related to Andrew Jackson.  Recalled under spontaneous recall

Status: Unconfirmed, possible confabulation. Have not placed memories or name though the memories are plausible.

[unknown gap]

6. Ca. 1810-1870, Southern England and West Coast America. Human male, Named something similar to “Clive Starr” though this exact name cannot be found on record.  Sailor, then later stagehand.  May have sailed to Argentina and California in or around the 1860s.  Recalled under a combination of spontaneous recall, regression, and dreams.

Status: In doubt, owing to questions about the accuracy of memories. Investigating memories and leads with similar names.

[unknown gap]

7. 1877-1915 West Country England and Flanders.  Human male named John William Harris.  Laborer and soldier killed in First World War.  Recalled under spontaneous recall; the first life I recalled.

Status: Extremely compelling owing to accurate and precise place matches and coincidences with other lives.

[unknown gap]

8. ca. late 1910s- early 1920s, Japan.  Red fox, possibly male.  May have lived near Daruma-Ji temple in Takasaki, Japan.  Recalled under spontaneous recall.

Status: Intriguing, and memories point specifically to Takasaki, but impossible to confirm.

[unknown gap]

9. 1928-1982, America.  Human male Named Philip Kindred Dick.  Recalled under spontaneous recall days/weeks after seeing documentary.  Memories were of facts not in the official biographies or in anything I had read or seen to that date.

Status: Somewhat compelling due to the nature of the memories, coincidences with other lives, and certain key similarities with my current life, but questions about confabulation remain due to the way I recalled this one and the unusual nature of the claim.  Still working to verify memories.

Looking it over, I notice a few things:

1. There’s a clear progression with time as to how clearly I can place memories; the oldest is the sketchiest and the gaps are longer, which is unsurprising.  The progression follows the expected patterns of memory accuracy but could also be an indictment of my unfamiliarity with ancient times (however, a study of Roman history this term has not produced any further memories).

2. There are only two here I have any strong confidence in, and they are the two most recent human lives.  Of these, I find that John Harris is the only person I feel comfortable saying was “probably” a past life of mine for the time being.

3. There are a few times and places I suspect I may have lived but have no exact memories or could never possibly confirm.  This includes life as an early bony fish in the Devonian era; Mongolia either before or after (but not during) the time of Genghis Khan; Russia in the mid to late 17th century, possibly as clergy; England in the 14th-16th centuries in various occupations including one or more stints as a monk; and India at multiple times (perhaps between human lives in the 19th or 20th century as a monkey near Secunderabad, as well as during one or more human lives, perhaps as an ascetic).

4. A lot of these lives feel very real, but the lack of solid confirmation and lingering suspicions of wishful thinking keep me from buying into them completely.

5. The pattern of suggestion is not consistent; I don’t feel that every period or famous historical figure I study was a likely past life.  I felt, for instance, that I had no interest or connection to Renaissance Venice or Florence, nor to Viking times, and in this life I have no memories of ancient Rome despite earnest attempts to try to remember.


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