Something I Want To Check Out

I recently discovered that not far from me, in Maryhill, WA, is a replica of Stonehenge that is also a WWI memorial.

The story goes that the man who built the monument was a Quaker who felt in 1918 that it was appropriate to remind passers by that even in our age, young men are still sacrificed to the God of War (this is of course based on the hotly-disputed claim that Stonehenge was a site of human sacrifice).  Even knowing the story, it still feels like a very weird gesture and the place has a haunting, mysterious quality.

What’s more, the site apparently has been examined and compared with the extant stones at Stonehenge, and it has been suggested by those who study archaeo-acoustics that the Maryhill Stonehenge has eerily similar acoustics to what Stonehenge would have had when it was completed.   It also has the same astronomical alignment as Stonehenge, of course.

The land it’s on, along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, doesn’t look much like Salisbury Plain; in fact it’s the kind of vista you’d be unlikely to find anywhere but North America.  It’s still breathtaking and I plan to take a drive out there later next month (I need to rent a car so I can shuttle my fiance and his equipment to his band’s concert anyhow).


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