Memory Fragment

Had a brief memory fragment last night that appeared to be medieval. I was a good bit older, stumbling toward a castle latrine, my vision blurry and feeling dizzy and disoriented.

I’m a bit skeptical of this one since the walls were rather bare rather than painted as they would have been back then. Also, I doubt there would have been glazed windows in a castle latrine, and I distinctly remember there being one about 1 yard tall and about 1 foot wide with diamond lattice. That alone makes me skeptical.

If I discover a castle latrine with such a feature I’ll be pleasantly surprised. That seems to be the only thing distinctive I got out of this.

At least it wasn’t windows in a bunker (totally an inside joke)…

EDIT: the window I saw had a rounded top so this isn’t the exact one, but after a very brief search in Google images I did find a castle garderobe with glazed windows about the right size, apparently at Chepstow Castle.  This memory has been upgraded to “plausible.”


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