Another Memory

This memory came to me tonight while at a dive in Portland called the Kenton Club where some good local bands play. They had a weird noisecore metal band called “Power Skeleton” that opened and got everyone’s attention with songs like “Werewolf Orgasm,” then shifted gears abruptly to the prog stylings of “Gamma Repeater” who did an awesome cover of King Crimson’s song “Fallen Angel.” In between bands, though, they had punk music playing on the PA system.

The place reminded me a bit of a dive in OC that was a punk venue back in the late 70s. The place I remembered was called the “Keyhole,” or “Hole in the Wall,” or something with “Hole” in it. As I recall it had been a speakeasy back in the 30s and later became a punk venue.

I can’t find any reference to it online. Wikipedia’s list of notable California punk venues doesn’t list it. I found a “Keyhole Bar” In Mackinaw MI and a “Keyhole Club” in San Antonio TX, and a “Knothole Club” in Anaheim, CA, but none of those are punk venues and the first two of these were in places where Phil was unlikely to be.

Does anyone know of a punk venue somewhere in OC that was called “Keyhole” or “Hole in the Wall” or something similar? Any help would be appreciated. It was probably a very minor venue where obscure local bands played so anyone who lived in OC in the 70s and did the rounds in the punk scene might be able to help.


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