Results of Recent Divinations

Using tarot, I’ve put together a snapshot of my near future that actually surprised me.

I predicted success, which did not surprise me because I would expect to read that in the cards owing to bias. Likewise, I was not surprised when the cards cautioned that I need to act with some maturity or I’d screw everything (both my career and my relationship) up because I’m not accustomed to having anything resembling a career of any sort. I could have told you that without Tarot cards.

The magnitude of success I predicted, however, was the astonishing thing: I predicted that the success might lead to such a flurry of work and preparations over the next few months that I may begin to feel I’m not able to devote enough time to the sort of meditations and explorations I enjoy. There were also hints that I could become unwise with my money and irrational with my investments. In the end, the cards cautioned that I may simply give up all I’ve achieved because I feel I’ve lost something spiritually. In all, I would describe it as the sort of “catastrophic success” that suddenly becoming wealthy can and does bring on people who aren’t prepared for it.

That seems so presumptuous, though, doesn’t it? I would be pleased to make a steady, stable $15K a year as a writer because I know I can survive comfortably on that much money. That isn’t a small achievement since most writers never even make enough to quit their day jobs. From what I’ve heard, success stories like the one I predicted are almost unheard-of, so I have to ask myself, where do I get off telling myself that in what I read in the cards?

I guess if nothing else, it’s useful to remind onesself that success and a new career are a change that can be as uncomfortable as any other change, but I don’t- nor can I allow myself to- expect those kinds of results.


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