Worth Sharing

A video slide show someone did of Ferme Buterne:

At about 2:05 there is a shot of John’s grave with the tree in the shot. The fence, the placement of the grave at the end of a row, the proximity of the tree to the grave, and its relative position to the grave are all spot on with what I saw. The tree has not grown over the grave to any appreciable extent but rather adjoins it closely, so it isn’t that much bigger than I remember seeing. I had assumed that this tree had grown over the grave long ago like the corresponding tree across the way, which would make my memory of the tree being solidly beside the grave likely to be from a time somewhat more recent than Phil’s visit to France in 1977, perhaps even an instance of remote viewing (though I am still uncomfortable with that idea somehow).

It still bothers me that I was wrong about the surrounding area and the layout of the headstones though (I thought it was in an urban area with another 3-4 rows of headstones to the left of John’s row, turned 90 degrees to his grave). It keeps the skeptical part of me alert that the things I was right about (including memories going back to John’s childhood) may have been an incredibly lucky guess. I suppose I’ll never know for sure but I feel like I know too much to be entirely free of the thought that I might have been right about all this.


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