A Musical Interlude

Here are some pieces of music I enjoy that I thought I’d post here. Music is a huge part of my life after all. If I get enough likes on this, maybe I’ll make this a regular thing.

G.F. Handel- Where E’er You Walk- Performed by Richard Lewis
I fell in love with this man’s voice the moment I heard “Total Eclipse” from Handel’s Samson and Delilah after seeing it mentioned in “Valis.” No singer that I have come across has ever sung Handel with the same refinement that Richard Lewis brought to it:

Ludwig Van Beethoven- O Welche Lust- Conducted by Leonard Bernstein
If any conductor could ever rival Toscanini’s emotive and well-paced renditions of Beethoven, Leonard Bernstein was that conductor.

Jacques Arcadelt- Il Bianco E Dolce Cigno- Performed by The King’s Singers
One of the greatest madrigal ensembles performs one of the most beautiful Italian madrigals. What’s not to love?

Gustav Holst- Hymns From the Rig Veda- Performed by the BBC Proms
The BBC Promenade Orchestra is one of the oldest and longest-running orchestras from an era when nearly every major TV and radio broadcasting company had its own orchestra. Holst’s take on the Vedic hymns is a rather obscure piece from this composer, best known for his “Planets” suite and for pieces like “Somerset Rhapsody.”


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