A First

It seems that I will be eligible to graduate easily and handily by Spring 2015.

As far as I know, this will be a first among the various lives I can recall. Actually, I think I have already exceeded the level of formal education I had in any of my previous lives (John at least learned to read and write but probably not much else, and Phil was admitted to UC Berkeley but dropped out early on).

It’s a reason to be proud, I suppose. This old soul finally gets to wear the mortar board soon, and roughly 100 years after the Battle of Bellewaerde Ridge no less.

It wasn’t easy for me. I actually began my university studies in this life back in 2003 at an American university in London, and began an on-again, off-again course of study. I declared numerous majors and explored many different subjects, most of which I got excellent grades in but none of which I felt like I could make a career out of. I have also studied at three different universities and one tech school.

In between, I met a wonderful man who made my life awesome, I’ve moved to four different cities, I re-discovered my spiritual ties to the British Isles, I’ve come out three times (first as bi, then gay, then trans), and I’ve held about eight different jobs, all trying to figure out what I wanted. I had a childhood that didn’t afford much in the way of independence and I guess living life on my own terms was something I took a long time to get accustomed to.

At least I’ve learned a lot from being such a free spirit and I can’t say it’s been useless learning either; I’ve also gone from a complete novice who had never completed a project to a very skilled writer over the last 11 years.

By default, I’m going to have to take a BA in social sciences but with my grades I should have an easy time getting into a post-bac program of some sort, probably pursuing an MA or Ph.D in something humanities-related, most likely focusing on history.

I’m almost there. I’ve finally got a life path I can genuinely live with and put my heart into after so many years of wandering, and I don’t have much further to go.


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