Memory Fragment/ Day Out

While trying unsuccessfully to sleep last night, I had another flash of memory from John’s life, probably around the Summer of 1915.

I was looking out of the trench at some barbed wire stakes very near my position.  Atop one of them was a deer skull that had been placed there, the top part of the stake through a hole in its base (probably a hole that had been made there, since the foramen magnum of a deer is to the back if I know my anatomy).  It turned slowly back and forth in the breeze.  I think it was put there by a German soldier to let us know they’d gotten very near our line during the previous night.  It brought to mind the conversations we used to have, each side taunting across No Man’s Land that we were on our way sooner or later.

Sleep found me and the memory faded without elaboration.  Among my dreams involved a port city with large ships coming in that looked a bit like a Lovecraft-ized version of Astoria, Oregon (complete with boat ramps of massive cyclopean masonry) and a group that was restoring an ancient Pueblo in the Southwest for practical ritual use.

For lunch, we met up with someone new to the area and tried out a burrito place together.  I’d hand-picked this one because they had a vegetarian menu and while not strict about my diet (it’s hard to avoid dairy, eggs, and meat extracts without paying a premium), I’ve started cutting out any sort of solid meat lately.  The burrito was good and the portions were impressively large.

Later on, my fiance and I went to a Peter Max exhibition at Pioneer Place.  The first person we came across there was the artist himself, though he seemed absorbed and preoccupied so we didn’t think to bother him.  I sat briefly on the sofa in the gallery, and some woman complimented me on my eyes (they’re roughly the same color they would have been if I’m correct about my most recent life).  Then we got up, looked around briefly, and headed home where I promptly collapsed from exhaustion and had weird dreams about browsing YouTube for clips of 1940s Disney films with Dinah Shore (such as “Make Mine Music,” “Fun and Fancy Free,” and “Melody Time”).

In all, I kept busy which I guess is good since it kept me from thinking too much about that weird flicker of trench life and the vague sense of menace that deer skull blowing in the wind left me with.


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