Musical Interlude

Some more music I like, just to keep things interesting here (I’m trying to update more often even as memories and new ideas have been scarce).

Sting- Fine Knacks for Ladies (John Dowland)

While a lot of Dowland purists don’t like “Songs from the Labyrinth,” I think it was very brave of Sting to attempt John Dowland’s greatest hits.  Anyhow, the idea of a pop star singing Dowland reminds me a little bit of “The Divine Invasion” so maybe I’m biased.

Steam Powered Giraffe- I’ll Rust With You

Yes, I like SPG.  I really like their vocal harmonies and they’ve got a unique look and sound that would be hard to come close to without looking like a crass imitation.  Also, I admire Bunny Bennet’s honesty about her decision to transition male to female publicly which is more than I can do (I only talk honestly about my experience in places I don’t use my full name).

Jean Jacques Perrey- Mary France

From the same composer who brought you “The Little Ships” (the song used in that “Going to the Store” video) comes this mostly-forgotten 60s instrumental.

Richard Wagner- Lohengrin- Prelude

I don’t know the orchestra that performed this one, but I like this piece.  It’s definitely the softer side of Wagner, but even his softest music is tinged with a strange sort of heroic melancholy delivered by well-placed diminished and augmented major chords.  In his music you can see the real Richard Wagner, a sensitive soul in an age when being sensitive was not at all easy and a rigid society made militants out of dreamers (this is not a comment on Germany but on the 19th century in general).  For all his vitriol, he was a man of tremendous passion and sincerity who gave us some wonderful music. 



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