Life In General

Been kind of busy with my present life.  Things are really moving forward on a number of things.

First, I’m proud to say that I should have some kind of BA in hand by Spring 2015.  I think I mentioned this before, but it’s a major development and it’ll be the first life I’ll have actually attained a post-secondary degree, as far as I’m aware.  Aucto Splendore Resurgo and all that.

Second, dealing with some garbage from my roommate.  He’s on thin ice.  I don’t care if we were together in the Plantagenet courts; I’m not going to take this from him and I wouldn’t have taken it from him 800 years ago either.  I just can’t stand his attitude and there’s a good chance he won’t be living here after this month unless he can start pulling his weight and showing a bit of respect.  I suppose if I was correct that I was William Longespee and he was John Lackland, it’s par for the course but I really would have hoped for us to develop more as people over such a long time.  I gave him a chance but it’s looking like he’s the same as ever, all in it for pleasure and gratification without any sense of responsibility or accountability.  Damn it all!

Third, dealing with a potential copyright violation on a story I posted on another site years ago.  This could be a very big deal given the nature of the infringement.  I won’t comment any further on the matter for legal reasons.  I am in touch with a legal aid organization at this time.

Finally, I’m gearing up to release three novels between now and January.  If all goes well, I’ll be releasing at least one of them in the Bay Area.  Currently negotiating with three different artists to get cover art done in time, and slogging through a final draft of the fourth one in the series that wasn’t near as polished as the fifth book.  I’m having to rewrite entire passages to reflect things that have clicked for me as a writer in just the last few months.

No rest for the weary.  Even if I’m dead wrong about having been Phil, I’m at least keeping my hands full by living as if I was his reincarnation so in all, that’s a good thing.


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