Leaving Friday

I’ll be leaving Friday for Seattle.

This will only be the second time I’ll have been present for the initial release of one of my books; my first book was released in Pittsburgh in 2010 but I was unable to make it.  The book I am releasing this coming weekend is the sequel to that book.

I did make it to the initial release of my second book in San Jose in 2013, but that one did poorly compared to my first book and the release was not handled very well, to put it nicely.  Also, it cost twice as much as my first book because it was twice as long, and it was actually the first book I wrote (delayed many years in the publication process) so it was well below what I was actually capable of and got poor reviews.

This one should be different.  This is a book I finished just under a year ago, it’s short like the first book and costs about the same, and it’s a sequel to my most popular work to date.  I have high hopes for this one as the book that establishes me as a presence in my genre and if not this one, I have two more lined up right behind it.

I can’t describe how alive I feel.  That’s the word for it.  It’s been a real roller coaster ride of bad reviews, discouraging sales, and all the usual problems a fairly inexperienced writer will often fall prey to.  I’m finally at a point in my life where I can put out the kind of quantity and quality needed to establish myself and for once, I have hope.

I’ll be rooming with friends from the UK too, which just makes it that much more awesome.  If I can keep writing good stuff on a consistent basis, this might become a regular thing since these guys come to this particular convention every year.

Also, I bought my train ticket in advance and I have to say, this should be a pretty enjoyable travel experience.  Union Station in Portland is a gorgeous old building built in the 1890s, and when I walked in one of the first things I saw in the lobby was a baggage cart that must have been 60 years old, still in common use.  There was no line at the massive antique oak counter, and the clerk who sold me my ticket was quick and courteous.  I’ll definitely post about how my trip actually went since I’ll be bringing my laptop with me (something that would be too much aggravation on an airline flight).

I’ll try to keep up to date with how the trip is going, and maybe I’ll share some photos.


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