Long story short, I’ve had my hands full.

First, I’m reaching out to others with a similar interest in medieval history.  Obviously, I’m very judicious about how much I tell them about the reason for my interest.  Made friends with someone recently who is into HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) and might be trying out for Team USA in an international competition, among others.  Once I have the money I may try my hand at that, though for now the cost is prohibitive.  I’m also taking a couple of medieval history courses to round things out.

Second, I’ve been promoting my novels heavily and reaching out to other writers.  Since I don’t use this blog to promote my published work, that basically means time I’m not writing entries for this blog.  I’m going to have to work hard to build up anything resembling a career but a lot of those close to me seem to think I have what it takes.  Also, I’ve officially made it my goal to win a Hugo award in this life because I need windmills to tilt at.


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