The Old Record Store

As some fans of Philip K. Dick might know, he worked in a music store in Berkeley fairly early on.  At the time it was called University Music, but it changed to Rasputin Music while Phil was still in Marin County.

Here we have a video inside the store.  It’s been remodeled a good bit, but there were a few moments where my nostalgia went into overdrive:

First, that stairway to the loft looks more or less the same.  I think the colored steps were done after it became Rasputin, but the aluminum trim on the edges of the steps was definitely there.  My gut tells me the loft has been majorly remodeled because I seem to remember there being a cozy, paneled, carpeted space with a hi-fi and a couch.  I’ve been trying to track that memory down for months, though, and information is sparse.

Second, they still have the 50 cent record bin!  Incredible!  I didn’t even remember it until I saw this but I remember them having it back when the place was still called University Music.  They’ve long since moved it to the basement with the rest of the vinyl, but after I saw this I distinctly remembered it being to the right as you walked in the door.  Now I’m hoping against hope someone can confirm this for me.  A brief look at information on the cost of records in the 1950s-70s shows me that 50 cents would have been cheap for a record even then, so it seems plausible.


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