Another Memory

I had another flash of memory from Phil’s life.  That’s the first I’ve had in maybe a year.

We were at someone’s house.  It was a really nice place, a brand new Ranch-style home in an upscale suburb.  Definitely not my house.

There was an early 60s car (by this time a few years old) with a small red and white “canned ham” style trailer attached.  Seems Isa was there, maybe 3 or 4 years old at the time.

I think the people who owned the house were friends or family of Nancy’s.  I didn’t like them.

“So Phil, you’re a writer?  How’s that working out?” one guy in a thick sweater asked me.

“It’s going well,” I lied.  My life was a mess and it was about to become a complete disaster.  Also, I was jonesing and starting to believe that they had brought me there just to humiliate me.  I wanted to leave so bad but I held my composure together just long enough.

I’m not sure how or if I could confirm this one.  I did briefly attempt to contact Isa Dick-Hackett about some other memories from 1964-72 via a listed address, but I was unsuccessful, and didn’t want to become a nuisance by digging up unlisted contact info.


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