Interesting Coincidence

In my current life, I was born in Oklahoma City.

That’s where Rev. James Pike was born, 71 years earlier.

For those who don’t know, Bishop Pike was a very controversial Episcopal clergyman.  He and Philip K. Dick were good friends.  Bishop Pike died in the Judean Desert on a religious quest while woefully unprepared for travel in those conditions.  In fact, the preparations were made so poorly that many people questioned the conditions under which he died.

In truth, it may have been something akin to Jerusalem Syndrome that drove him to take on the Judean Desert in a 2WD rental car with little more than a Coca-Cola to stay hydrated and a gas station map to find his way.

When Phil had his unusual experiences in early 1974, one of the theories he had was that Rev. Pike was trying to contact him the same way Runciter tried to contact his employees in “Ubik.”

Still I wonder, if I’m here, where is he?


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