Hacking Samsara

Assuming I’m right about reincarnation, I want to try hacking Samsara.  I want to use what I learn about the bardo state and the mechanics of reincarnation from my observations in my various lives.  If possible, I’d like to try coming back as a writer and amateur religious scholar consistently so that I can continue the same task and build on my previous lives’ work.

Maybe then, after a few lifetimes as a blind monk looking at different parts of the elephant, I’ll finally know what this elephant actually looks like and I’ll have something to offer in the way of wisdom.  For now, I feel like I’m still a bit wet behind the ears to this whole reincarnation business.

Perhaps I’ll find I’m dead wrong about all this.  I’ll at least leave an intriguing legacy by the literary breadcrumbs I leave for myself and join a long and proud tradition of eccentric writers.  Maybe my writings will be the Winchester House of the next century, gawked at as the product of a freakish mind but remembered, nonetheless.


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