Nearly Done

My fifth book (the fourth to be published) is nearly ready to go to print.

The cover’s a genuine work of art, drawn by my fiance.  I finished the back cover copy today and I think it sums the book up well without spoilers.  The text itself has been thoroughly revised and edited to make it as smooth and complete as I could manage.

The book will debut in Chicago next month.  I cannot be there to see it into the world so I will have to trust that it will be received well.  It’s always difficult to let my books go out into the world; I’m never totally ready and I always question if I could have written them a little better.

More terrifying still, this one draws heavily on past lives.  It was the only thing I could think of at the time so I put immense energy into just purging the thoughts I had on the subject so that my muse would let me sleep at night.

I’m nervous as all hell though; if anyone asks, it’s just clever fiction and I’m not calling it anything else; but the truth is, at least part of it is straight from my memories.  I had to choose between locking away some of the best work of my life and having nothing to publish, or risking outing myself… I hope I’ve made the right choice.

Ne frustra scripsisse videar.


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