Memory Fragment

I recalled a brief moment with several knights standing on a hill and walking toward me.

One of them appeared to be wearing the following colors: Quarterly azure and or, in the second and third quarter three sable ravens, armed (quartered yellow and white, with three black perching ravens in the upper right and lower left).  I can’t be sure of the number of the ravens though (or if they were intended as ravens at all, only that they were black birds sitting as if on a perch).

I found a couple of slightly similar coats of arms on the roll for the Battle of Falkirk in 1298.  Otton de Cazaneuve wore the colors “or three magpies sable” and Piers Corbet wore “Or two ravens sable.”  I have a feeling that this is some variant of one of those.  This gives me a starting point for identifying this knight.  My gut says to work backward a few generations toward Count William’s time but just to be on the safe side I’m going to read up on the Battle of Falkirk too.

Edit: I think the Corbet family may be a hot lead.  No exact match yet but I’m having trouble finding the arms of any member of this family before 1298.  Given the amount of variance I’m seeing this could be the arms of one of Piers Corbet’s ancestors who knew Count William:


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