Well That Was Unpleasant…

Last night, a power transformer exploded somewhere nearby (it happens a little too often in my neighborhood I think).

My heart skipped a beat and then set to racing.  My fiance was startled and said “What was that?”

Trying to calm myself, I said “I think it was a transformer exploding.  At least I hope so…”

He could see it had bothered me.  That was when he replied “Yeah, I don’t think there’s going to be another one.”  That was when the unpleasant memories hit.  For just a fleeting instant I could see the pockmarked fields in northern France lit dimly by clouded moonlight.  I wanted to scream “Don’t be stupid!  There’s always another one!” but then I snapped out of it as quick as it came.  The whole flashback lasted maybe a fraction of a second.

It’s always something unexpected.  The explosion didn’t do it, but his reaction struck a raw nerve that I didn’t anticipate.

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