Wait A Sec…

A couple of days or weeks ago I remember listening to the song “Strawberry Fields” recently and the phrase “Nothing is real” was sung as if the singers were sneering.

The question is, which version was that?  It wasn’t the Beatles version though I initially thought it was.  I listened to that version again tonight and it wasn’t there.

I think it might have been a cover, though I’m at a loss as to who did it.  There seem to be a lot of covers of  this song, though.

If I can’t find the cover… well, then I’m wondering if I’ve gone one step closer to losing my mind by inventing an incident that never happened, something I have tried to prevent myself from doing.

EDIT: I found the cover, and it’s by someone I did a musical collaboration with once (I’ve dabbled in music and written songs for a couple of people, something Phil would never have done).  The artist is a musician named Andrew Stein who sadly seems to have stopped frequenting the sites I used to see him on regularly.

Here’s the YouTube video that this particular live recording I have was taken from:


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