A Conspiracy Theory With Teeth

Last political-related post for a while, but this is a doozie!

Transgrrrl Says...

Do you remember back in 2004, when there was talk of suspending the US presidential elections out of evidence that there was going to be a terror attack coinciding with them?

For the last ten years I’ve been saying that this was a nearly-successful bid to put the democratic process in deep-freeze in this country, but I had no factual evidence to back this up.

The recently released CIA torture report may finally shed some light on this.  It does not prove one of my oldest conspiracy theories but for once, I can say with some confidence that this conspiracy theory has teeth.

First, a bit of background: The Guardian has reported that the intelligence related to the 2004 election threat came from a man called Janat Gul.  This man was tortured mercilessly and later proved to have absolutely no useful intelligence to provide.  That’s the first time that the…

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