Brace Yourselves

The CIA torture report is about to be released, and by all accounts it’s going to embarrass some very high-level people and probably trigger some major fallout.  War crimes trials might even come out of this.

Brace yourself.  If the CIA wants to overthrow the civilian government in retaliation, they’re going to act swiftly and the operation is going to hit without warning.  I can only hope that they don’t add treason and insurrection to their growing rap sheet.  They have plenty of loyal stooges who’d be happy to start a revolution it if the right TV or radio celebrity told them to (cannon fodder) and plenty of quasi-military organizations whose services can be bought (an elite professional force).  They have the way; it’s only a question of whether or not they have the will.

I’m wondering if this is is at all related to what Phil experienced, or if my timing with remembering past lives starting in 2012 has somehow led up to this. I already feel most days as if I’m living in one of my previous life’s novels and now these recent seismic shifts in attitudes toward the police state really make me wonder whether there’s a bit of the uncanny to this whole affair.  I often wonder when I see people referring to my previous life’s books as a prophetic warning of the country’s future if I wasn’t clued in to some faint vision of the life I’m living now, or if there’s simply a lot to be said for being a keen observer.  Perhaps, if time runs backwards as Phil said, then I will in fact write these books in a future life to warn people of the encroaching police state… though that takes some major suspension of disbelief and a John Connor complex to really take seriously.

If I allow myself to go off on a religious tangent as Phil was wont to do, I think of Elijah and Elisha, his successor who, in the Biblical story, completed his work and learned from his ways, and lived during a time of miracles.  If I were to say “I am the prophet Elisha,” though, you might want to save me some space in the padded room.

It’s probably not some divinely-inspired prophecy that this is happening, but this really is a once-in-a-lifetime moment where damn near anything really could happen in America.  Hopefully what we are witnessing is the collapse of the police state through an orderly and legal civil reform and not the prelude to an even bigger mess.


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