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It seems my latest novel will not debut in San Jose after all. The release date remains up in the air but it should be out no later than July.

Basically, I’m lucky just to get one book out at this convention in SJ since it’s one of the best cons for book debuts and my fourth novel will be one of about eight other books to debut that weekend.

I really wanted to have my latest out by January since I wanted to release it close to “home,” and I can’t make it to any other cons in the first half of the year, but it would cut into sales of the fourth book, and it would mean someone else who had their heart set on a January debut with my publisher would have to miss out. I’ve got one book to debut already and I don’t want to be greedy.

That said, by the time the convention in September rolls around I’ll have five books to display, which I’ll be pretty proud of. Also, this gives me time to submit my work to reviewers who might require an advance copy (and I intend to send my latest work to as many reviewers as I can find).

My fourth novel is still a decent book and my fiance’s cover art is really impressive. I still think it will be well-received if given a fair chance.


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