I’m Back

Back from my semi-hiatus.  The puds were small but cheerful and the meal was a big success over all, even if my custard turned out a little lumpy.

Today I cashed the checks I got for Christmas and was going to take care of some unfinished business with my name change but the fax machine at the Kinko’s downtown couldn’t get hold of the party in Arkansas I was trying to reach (possum must have chewed the wires or something), so I have some errands to run Monday.

Going with my fiance tomorrow to look for holiday candy and treats on sale.

A couple of memories that came to me-

*I recalled a plate with rosebuds on it and a silver (or very light gold) edge that was embossed with a sort of seashell-like flare on either side that had a flaming pudding on it and immediately guessed it was Edwardian rather than Victorian.  Could not find that exact design but a brief survey of Edwardian dessert dishes returns a result of “plausible” since they typically had some or all of the elements I saw.

*Listening to an audiobook of “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale,” the conversation between Quail and his wife about going to Mars suddenly reminded me of a conversation from about 1962 with Ann, when I wanted to go to France and she insisted that we hadn’t even seen all of the West Coast yet.


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