An “Aha!” moment!

I now understand why I ended up defeated twice in france, almost exactly 7 centuries and 30 kilometers apart.

This boring, albeit informative lecture explains it all:

So then perhaps I’m correct in my assessment that John’s life was something of a karmic opposite of Count William’s life.  The same players were all there, and once again I was defeated in battle, this time as a common soldier who died and was forgotten.  Perhaps it was a comeuppance for my hubris as a knight who fought on behalf of a belligerent king against France for a losing cause to atone by fighting for the winning side but on the same side as France rather than against them, with a violent death the final insult.

Or perhaps there was an ellipsis and one of these events actually did not happen, but was made to look like another event to appear as if time had changed.  Alliances were shifted, technology was advanced slightly, and Count William became John William Harris. If I was correct in my previous life about the bulk of time being an illusion, this is at least circumstantial evidence of that though in no way proof.

Or perhaps it was one incredibly, phenomenally weird coincidence between two people who may or may not have been past lives of mine.  But the more I look at it, the harder it is to swallow that explanation.


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