Sudden Frustration

It turns out my book won’t be released in San Jose this weekend.

There is a possibility that another book in my queue might go out in its place but there’s a chance that might never happen.  I might only see two copies of it- one for myself and one for the friend who’s driving me to Berkeley- and these will be ultra-limited pre-release copies with no edits done to the text.

I might go all the way to San Jose and not have a book to release.  I am livid because this comes down to issues that should have been brought up about the text months ago when I was sending it to friends to read and critique or when I first submitted it to my publisher.  Instead, it gets brought up at the last moment.  Fucking outrageous.

To add insult to injury, this book is a sequel to the first book I wrote, which has only sold 15 copies in the space of two years.

I feel I have the right, at this stage, to be in a shitty mood for a few days.


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