One Year

It has been formally recognized in my chart: I have been living full-time as a woman for over a year.

While it’s been a matter of ups and downs, by and large my life has actually improved drastically.

If the Buddhists are right, about being born with the mind of a woman and the body of a man being the karmic consequence of past actions, then I think it’s not so much a punishment as a challenge to be learned from.  I have had to rely more than I would have wanted to on the kindness and consideration of others and I’ve had to put my love and friendships on the line more times than I would have cared, but my audacity has been rewarded for the most part.

Most of all, I’ve had to learn to be strong in new ways.  I’ve had to learn some amount of confidence, how to conquer self-consciousness, and how to recover from setbacks.

I am probably happier and better adjusted now than I’ve ever been, across a number of lifetimes.  I wouldn’t go back to living as the man I tried to be, even if someone offered to make me the Emperor of the World.  If I couldn’t be an Empress instead, then I would rather rule nothing more than the ground I stand on.


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