Major Edits Complete

I’m finished with my edits.

Hopefully what I’ve done so far will be deemed at least acceptable, and require only minor edits here and there. Some of the suggestions involved radically restructuring the story in ways that I didn’t feel would be helpful in telling the story I wanted to tell, but on the whole most of the notes were helpful and probably improved the story a great deal.

It doesn’t help that my publisher hasn’t read my previous life’s work, and a lot of the nuances that fans of my earlier work have picked up on when I showed it to them were kind of lost on him.  I had to rigorously defend my decision to keep certain scenes and explain my rationale, short of actually telling my publisher that this was in fact a letter to my future self as much as it was an entertaining mindfuck.  The truth is, he doesn’t know that I suspect I was Phil previously, and as a hard skeptic he probably wouldn’t believe me even if I told him, so the issue has never really come up.

I suppose I’ll have to see what my publisher and editor think of it now.  As for me, I’m tired and I’m ready to sleep on it.  I did a hell of a lot of work for one evening and although it’s the furthest thing from drudgery for me, it’s still exhausting.

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